Our Mission.

Patients suffering from skin & wound disorders often have to give up on activities they enjoy the most. We want to provide innovation that allows these patients to enjoy the life they love.

Our vision

Until all patients with skin disorders live the life they love, we at Flen Health will continue to develop innovative, effective, safe and easy-to-use wound and skin healing solutions. To achieve our ambitious long-term goal, we endeavour to meet specific short-term targets, day by day, year after year.


Human capital

Flen Health is empowered by its employees; our employees, the ‘Flenners’, are our biggest asset. It is the Flenners’ ambition and drive to improve and grow which forms the basis of the innovation that drives Flen Health’s success. We promote our team members based on work ethics, organisation skills, drive and determination.


Our work ethics

At Flen Health, we support a collaborative, open and friendly working environment. We respect and support each other and use our multi-cultural environment as an opportunity for development. We think outside the box and continuously look for new opportunities. We never settle.

Genuine teams win. Flen Health’s operations are successful because our teams trust each other, engage in constructive discussions, are committed and accountable and stay focused on team results.

We need leaders to grow. Good leadership at Flen Health builds on the experience and open communication which includes listening and respecting each individual’s opinion.

"20 years of successfully identifying unmet needs by utilising our expertise and passion to develop safe, effective and easy-to-use wound healing products for You and Your loved-ones."

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Customer perspective

The customer is at the heart of everything we do at Flen Health. The customer encompasses of patients, healthcare professionals, consumers and government organisations. By putting the customer at the core of what we do, we not only ensure creation of the right product but also provide it efficiently to the right customer. This includes giving the right education and training to the client to ensure that the products are correctly used. Direct lines of communication with professionals and patients ensure that Flen Health’s innovation meets our customers’ demands.


Shareholder perspective

Flen Health is a privately owned, growing international family enterprise. Flen Health has developed its own family-based culture and values, helping to develop the right innovation for its customers and to better focus on sustainable long-term growth. As a shareholder the family drives Flen Health’s growth.


Our values

Whilst striving to achieve our ambitious goals Flen Health staff follow six values. Long-term success depends not only on the ability to achieve an excellent result, but also on how to conduct ourselves during the process of reaching it.

Therefore, at any time we:


Focus on customers

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Work effectively as a team

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Take initiative

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Show accountability

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Go for results

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