My internship at Flen Health

My name is Maryline (middle of the image) and I am from Belgium.  I am a last year student at the Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp and specialise in Pharmaceutical and Biological Laboratory Technology.

“Don’t be unsure about “what if I can’t” – go for it and find out what you can!”

During my internship in the Belgian laboratory of Flen Health, I was researching how alternative formulations could still render stable hydrogels. I wrote down and analysed every measurement, so that adjustments could be made where needed. This responsibility must be treated seriously in order to meet the high quality standards and values of a reliable product.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, I am obligated to continue the internship at home. In the laboratory, I was able to produce a lot of data in a short amount of time and from home I can process the data and start writing my Bachelor’s Thesis. Via video and audio conferencing, I stay in contact with my team, meaning all my progressions are followed up by Flen Health, which definitely makes working from home possible and even efficient.

At Flen I do not feel like a “small” intern which I might have felt in another company. I feel like a team member and that supports my self-motivation. I participate in useful research work, independently without someone telling me what to do and all this is a great introduction to the real work life.

My advice for applicants would be an internship is something completely new apart from all school activities. It is up to you to prove your abilities and also to learn. Don’t be unsure about “what if I can’t” – go for it and find out what you can!