My internship at Flen Health

My name is Sura (right side of the image) and I’m 25 years old. I’m originally from Iraq and came to Belgium in 2014. After studying Dutch, I went to Karel de Grote University to study Pharmaceutical and Biological Laboratory Technology. As a last year student, I’m now completing my internship at Flen Health.

“I want to help patients who suffer from painful wounds”

For the first time, I’m not working on a project to receive a good grade but rather to achieve the best results for real patients. Being responsible for each working step is an incredible feeling and makes me so proud. The idea that maybe one day I will be able to help patients who suffer from painful wounds encourages me and this demonstrated that this is the right profession for me.

During my internship I have focused on wound cleansing. The tests include evaluation of antimicrobial and cleansing activity. I am then able to compare the results and have a conclusion on how an optimally formulated wound cleanser brings the best and fastest results to patients.

I’m responsible for the test environment preparation, such as preparing and sterilizing the agars, the pipets, preparing and filling the test tubes and last but not least starting my own tests. My supervisor gives me quite a lot of responsibility and this enables me to detect my own mistakes and ways to avoid them. Of course, if needed my supervisor is there to help.

My internship program was supposed to include 12 weeks practical experience in the Flen Health laboratory but unfortunately, I only spent 5 weeks there because of COVID-19 out-break and the lockdown. Instead of continuing testing sessions I am now at home finishing my thesis.

Even if my internship went from a practical approach to a more theoretical approach, I am still learning a lot. I have regular contact with my supervisor and my team to exchange ideas on my thesis. I find this very useful and I am thankful for the support given to me in a time of a world wide crisis.

Beside this unexpected COVID-19 out-break, I enjoy the familiar atmosphere at Flen Health. Everyone knows each other and I can easily talk to others during lunch when we all sit together.