My internship at Flen Health

Hi, my name is Franklin and I am a French student from Lyon. I am currently in the middle of my master’s degree and studying Audit and Finance at ESDES Business School.

Originally, I was supposed to carry out a five months internship at Flen Health however due to Covid-19 my internship was shortened. Nevertheless, I did a three months internship in the Finance department at the Luxembourg office.

I was given the mission to assist on the day to day accounting and bookkeeping activities. I worked on a variety of topics such as; invoices, stocks, taxes, reports, assets, closing of accounts, bank statement, bank reconciliation and supplier reconciliation.

I particularly enjoyed working on the reports and the closing of accounts because they were the most challenging and instructive tasks.

This internship was a great experience for me because it allowed me to discover accounting and finance within a company environment as well as in the pharmaceutical market. This professional experience gave me a realistic insight towards a daily work life routine and made me realise how far apart theory and practice are sometimes. The time at Flen Health really was a valuable experience for me and contributed greatly to my career progression.