extracalm® - our solution for acute & chronic itch

extracalm® is a safe and easy to apply gel spray that is indicated for symptomatic relief of itch, painful, red or irritated skin. Itch can be caused by insect bites, first-degree burns or sunburns, dry skin, dermatological procedures (e. g. peelings, laser treatment) or allergic reactions caused by contact with certain substances.


extracalm® is quickly absorbed by the skin


extracalm® is safe and easy to apply, even on children and pregnant women


extracalm® soothes itching


extracalm® cools the skin


extracalm® restores the moisture balance of the skin

How to apply

1. Shake

Shake spray can.

2. Spray

Hold spray can 10-15 cm from skin, hold the spray can upright and spray the skin until it is completely covered.

3. Allow product to act

extracalm® is quickly absorbed by skin, no need to rub it in.

How it works


Cools the painful, red or irritated skin instantly.


Ensures the cooling effect is long-lasting.

Silicone film

Creates a barrier and therewith forms a protective layer.