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Our solution for acute and chronic itch

Extracalm® is a safe and easy to apply gel spray that is indicated for symptomatic relief of itch, painful, red or irritated skin. Itch can be caused by insect bites, first-degree burns or sunburns, dry skin, dermatological procedures (e. g. peelings, laser treatment) or allergic reactions caused by contact with certain substances.

How it works

Immediately soothes itching

Extracalm® immediately refreshes the skin and soothes the itching sensation. Cooling action lasts up to 140 minutes after application.*

The spray gel deposits a silicone film on the skin which restores the moisture balance and protects the skin against irritation.

Benefits of Extracalm®

Why use Extracalm®?

  • Safe & Easy to Apply 

  • Does not contain cortisone

  • User Friendly: fast and no dirty hands

  • Effective: soothes itching by cooling the skin

  • Moisture Balance: Extracalm® is quickly absorbed by the skin and restores the moisture balance  

How to apply

1. Shake

Shake spray can.

2. Spray

Hold spray can 10-15 cm from skin, hold the spray can upright and spray the skin until it is completely covered.

3. Allow product to act

Extracalm® is quickly absorbed by skin, no need to rub it in.

Discover Extracalm®


for acute and chronic Itch



What is Extracalm®?

Extracalm® is a gel spray for the symptomatic treatment of itch.

What is Extracalm® used for?

Extracalm® is used for itchy, painful, red or irritated skin (not for open wounds) caused by: • Senile pruritus (e.g., elderly itching due to dry/senile skin) • insect bites, • first-degree burns, • sunburn, • dry skin, • dermatological procedures (e.g. peelings, laser treatment), • allergic reactions caused by contact with certain substances , • symptomatic itching of unknown origin

How often can I apply Extracalm®?

It can be applied 2 to 6 times per day until the symptoms have disappeared. Do not use Extracalm® for more than 30 days.

Can I apply Extracalm® on itchy skin due to sunburn?

Yes, you can apply Extracalm® to potentially minimize peeling. We advise you to stay out of the sun.

Can I apply Extracalm® on my face?

Yes. We advise you to keep your eyes closed when you apply Extracalm® to the face. Extracalm® cannot be used on the eyelids or in the eye.


* Flen Health. Extracalm cooling test, Skin-Thermometer ST 500 (Courage & Khazaka, Germany), 2009 (data on file).


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