Flamigel® - our solution for superficial wounds

Flamigel® is an innovative gel that contributes to faster wound healing and prevention of scar formation. The hydro-active colloid gel works to the effective principle of moist wound healing:


Flamigel® heals wounds up to 40 % faster


Flamigel® is for superficial burns & minor wounds


Flamigel® cools and soothes the skin


Flamigel® reduces the risk of scarring


Flamigel® creates a protective skin barrier

How to apply

1. Clean

Clean the wound with running water or with a specific cleaning product such as Flamirins®.

2. Dry

Gently pat the wound dry with a clean cloth.

3. Treat

Treat the wound with Flamigel®. This creates a moist environment that is beneficial for wound healing.

4. Cover

If necessary, cover the wound with a sterile non-adherent dressing and replace it daily.

How Flamigel® works

Hydrogel Effect

In case of a dry wound Flamigel turns the dry wound into a moist one.

Hydrocolloid Effect

In case of a wet wound Flamigel absorbs excessive fluid from the wound and restores and maintains the water balance in the wound.


Arginine is a building block of the skin. Arginine increases the moisturising properties of the gel.