Flamirins® - our solution for wound cleaning

Flamirins® is an isotonic buffered wound cleanser with acid pH. The pH value within the wound area directly and indirectly influences all biochemical reactions taking place in the process of wound healing. The environment of wounds progresses from an alkaline state to a neutral state and then to an acidic state when healing begins.


Flamirins® with acid pH can support the wound healing process


Flamirins® is easy to use


Flamirins® cleans by rinsing, either in spray or stream position


By rinsing the wound with Flamirins® the risk of infection reduces

How to apply

1. Choose spray position

Choose position through pushing up the tab under spray head

2. Spray

Spray cleanser into the wound. Dry off excess with clean cloth.

3. Dry

Dry off cleanser excess with clean cloth.

4. Close nozzle

Turn the nozzle to “STOP” position.