Flamigel® RT - our solution for skin care during radiotherapy

Flamigel® RT is a smooth, fragrance-free gel, which, when applied to the skin, builds a barrier that protects the skin against radiotherapy-induced skin reactions. Flamigel® RT is used for protecting the skin at risk from damage from radiotherapy (radiotherapy-induced skin reactions). By creating a protective barrier, Flamigel® RT helps to prevent skin breakdown and sore skin which is often associated with radiotherapy treatment.


Flamigel® RT reduces pain, redness & heat


Flamigel® RT soothes the exposed skin area by its cooling effect


Flamigel® RT helps to create optimal healing conditions to accelerate cell renewal


Flamigel® RT allows the skin to heal faster & so reduce the likelihood of scarring


Flamigel® RT provides a protective barrier & supports skin regeneration between radiotherapy sessions

How to apply

1. Clean:

Clean the skin with clean water or with a specific wound cleanser, such as Flamirins®, if advised by your nurse or doctor.

2. Dry:

Dry the skin gently with a clean towel by patting the skin.

3. Treat:

Using your fingers apply liberally Flamigel® RT 3 times per day to the treated area. Use from day 1 of treatment.

How to use

How it works


Forms a protective barrier over the epidermis and around the effected cells which relieves symptoms and protects against external  contamination.


Creates optimal healing conditions to accelerate cell renewal, allowing the compromised skin to heal faster and so reduce the likelihood of scarring.