Flamigel® RT - our solution for skin care during radiotherapy

Flamigel® RT is a smooth, fragrance-free gel, which, when applied to the skin, builds a barrier that protects the skin against radiotherapy induced skin reactions. Flamigel® RT is used for protecting the skin at risk from damage from radiotherapy (radiotherapy induced dermatitis). By creating a protective barrier, Flamigel® RT helps to prevent skin breakdown and sore skin which is often associated with radiotherapy treatment.


Flamigel® RT helps to prevent skin breakdown


Flamigel® RT is fragrance-free


Flamigel® RT is easy-to-apply

How to apply

1. Clean:

Clean the wound with running water or with a specific cleaning product such as Flamirins®.

2. Dry:

Gently pat the wound dry with a clean cloth.

3. Treat:

Apply 3 times per day a liberal amount of Flamigel® RT to the treated area and a large zone around it and gently massage. Close the tube after each usage. We advise that you continue to use Flamigel® RT until 7 to 10 days after the end of the radiation treatment. In case of doubt, consult your physician, pharmacist or radiotherapy nurse on how much longer you should continue to apply Flamigel® RT. Follow the general skin care recommendations from your radiotherapy centre.

How to use

How it works


When applied to the skin, Flamigel® RT provides a barrier that protects the skin from damage and breakdown due to radiotherapy.


Arginine increases the moisturizing properties of the gel and accelerates wound healing.