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  • Our proactiveness

Our proactiveness.

Flen Health is committed to being a proactive force within our community and environment, recognizing that our responsibilities extend beyond wound care. By actively participating in multiple local events, we not only strengthen our bonds with local associations but also contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Furthermore, our attention to environmental sustainability demonstrates our commitment to fostering a better world for the coming generations. Flen Health aims to have a beneficial influence by implementing programs like eco-friendly practices, proving that corporate responsibility is an essential component of who we are.

Our solidarity with the Lebanese people

As a medical device company that develops skin and wound healing solutions it is natural that we try to make our products available where needed and where possible. We expressed our solidarity with the people of ​​​​​Lebanon by donating over 15,000 Flaminal® Hydro and Flaminal® Forte tubes to help thousands of injured patients after two explosions hit the city of Beirut on August 4th, 2020.

Our support to the initiative Chronische Wunden e.V.

In summer 2021, when major floods hit parts of Germany and Belgium, we supported the initiative Initiative Chronische Wunden e.V. as well as Rotary with hundreds of Flamigel® and Flaminal® Hydro tubes to treat the acute and painful wounds of volunteers.

Our participation in ELA 

Supporting non-profit organisations in the fight against diseases is very important to us. One example is our participation in ELA – Wear your trainers and beat disease. We take these occasions not only as an opportunity to support the ones that are fighting a disease but also to cherish health and to learn more about staying fit.

We work hand in hand with healthcare professionals and patients, who use our product portfolio and to whom we acknowledge their vital input in creating innovative skin and wound healing solutions. We are proud to be sponsor and / or participate in multiple healthcare organisation’s events.

Our fight against COVID-19

Furthermore, we donated Flamigel® tubes in the value of more than € 300,000 to healthcare professionals working in Belgian and Luxembourgish hospitals, to heal their wounded and irritated hands due to frequent hand washing and disinfecting in the fight against COVID-19.

Events organized by healthcare organizations

We collaborate with healthcare professionals and patients who use our product portfolio and whose help is vital in creating innovative skin care and wound healing solutions. We are proud to sponsor and/or participate in numerous events organized by healthcare organizations.

Support communities

The most common everyday injuries are minor wounds. Therefore, Flen Health regularly gives thousands of plasters to young scouts and athletes in sport camps. Additionally, scouts can win first-aid courses, performed by the red cross to be prepared for the event of small injuries. Also, schools and individuals are equipped with hundreds of first-aid backpacks to cover small household accidents, like burns or cuts.

Protect the environment

Our operations are to be conducted with the least possible environmental impact considering the company’s financial and technical resources. We must comply with laws and other relevant requirements in the environmental area that affect our operations. Within the framework of our management system, we will establish and follow up on tangible environmental objectives for the operations. The company’s environmental work should be conducted with the aim of achieving continuous improvements and preventing pollution of the environment.

PROBIO project, PROspection for BIOactive compounds in the North Sea.

We have active advisory roles in research projects like the PROBIO project, PROspection for BIOactive compounds in the North Sea. This project performs innovative, high risk research, with a prospect of economic and societal applications. All findings will contribute to the developments in “sustainable seafood and marine biotechnology” of the Blue Economy.

The intercluster project Enzymares

The intercluster project Enzymares, will develop an enzyme prediction toolbox to speed up enzyme discovery & reduce the time-to-market for new enzymes. Not only Flen Health uses enzymes in its wound healing solutions but also pharmaceuticals, food, textiles, cosmetics, and many more industrial applications consist of enzymes. As they are non-toxic and biodegradable, enzymes are an attractive alternative to chemical additives or catalysts. ´´

Flamigel in the art

Kris Ceurvels and Zjan Van Miert, two artists from Belgium found not only a creative but also meaningful solution of recycling our old product tubes: They created three interlinked frames covered with 6364 empty Flamigel tubes. “We got inspired by an old telephone exchange”, the two women say. The artists cut the tubes in different lengths which creates a very colourful geographic relief. To process and visualise their art project with old Flamigel tubes is resourceful and innovative. Today, the art piece decorates the entrance hall in our Belgian affiliate and reminds us of the importance of staying connected with the people in our lives, the environment and society.