My internship at Flen Health

Hi, my name is Luca, I am half Italian and half Luxembourgish, I was born and raised in Luxembourg. I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Health Engineering – Conception and Production of Drugs – in France. As a person, I would describe myself as social and curious.

“Bringing in your ideas will let you grow as a professional”

In the framework of my Master’s Degree I am doing a five months internship in the Research & Development (R&D) department at Flen Health. Within my internship program I am primarily working on product and formulation development. My tasks are versatile and my supervisor makes sure that I am involved in all aspects of R&D.

What I am enjoying the most is my independence, working independently requires trust from my colleagues and having this trust encourages me to give no less than my very best.

I am learning a lot from being involved in many of the R&D projects, supporting the team and offering my opinion helps me to develop my skills and ensures I am a valued team member. This kind of collaborative and respectful work environment makes my internship not only worth it but also very enjoyable.

My internship at Flen Health is a great experience and I can say with certainty that I have learnt more from working together with experts compared to what I have learnt from books.

My tip: Show your motivation and be ambitious. Working independently and bringing in your ideas will let you grow as a professional.