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  • February 09, 2024

Flen Health at the Wound Care Today conference

Last week, Flen Health had the privilege of participating in the Wound Care Today conference, held in Milton Keynes.

This event was a wonderful opportunity to connect with a diverse array of health care professionals, coming from different backgrounds in wound care. It was great to chat to so many people about Flaminal, Flamigel RT and the area of wound care as a whole. 

This was one of the busiest years we’ve seen at this conference. The bounty of insightful talks that took place over the two days and the keen participation in the event, shows just how much dedication and passion there is within the field of wound care.

'Dressing for Success' skills zone

A special thank you to all who stopped by our skills zone, 'Dressing for Success', where we had the opportunity to share practical tips for dressing lower leg ulcers and delve into the science behind Flaminal®’s mode of action, antimicrobial activity, and the importance of taking steps to delay, and prevent, antimicrobial resistance. 

We are very much looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces at more events throughout this year!