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  • April 13, 2023

Flen Health Group S.A. signs Joint Venture, Boosting Wound Care Division

Brno, the Czech Republic, 13 April 2023

Flen Health Group S.A., a leading global provider of innovative wound care solutions, is excited to announce the signing of a joint venture with Dahlhausen Holding AG and ING. RADIM BEDAN, longstanding partners and one of the first international distributors of Flamigel®. This strategic collaboration is set to be a catalyst for the wound care division, further strengthening Flen Health’s presence in Europe.

With over 23 years of successful partnership, the parties have built a strong relationship based on trust, expertise, and shared values. The joint venture aims to leverage this synergy to enhance the distribution of Flen Health's products, Flamigel® and Flaminal®, in the Czech and Slovakian markets. Flamigel® is a unique hydro-active colloid gel that provides effective wound healing and creates an optimal moist healing environment, while Flaminal® is an enzymatic wound debridement agent that supports wound healing in chronic and acute wounds or wounds at risk of infection.

The joint venture is expected to result in increased availability and accessibility of Flamigel®and Flaminal® products in the Czech and Slovakian markets, benefiting patients and healthcare providers alike. Flen Health remains committed to its vision of advancing wound care through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships and looks forward to furthering success through the newly created entity FLEN HEALTH S.R.O.


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