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  • August 31, 2020

Flen Health R&D project has secured the BioSense Solutions grant

Kontich, 31st August 2020: Flen Health has been awarded with the BioSense Solutions grant, which supports innovative research projects on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). With this grant opportunity Flen Health will leverage its research and expertise on patented antimicrobial enzyme- and potentiator-based complexes.

Antimicrobial resistance has the potential to affect people at any stage of life making it one of the world’s most urgent public health problems. Therefore, in one of its research projects, Flen Health actively investigates long-term medical solution for infected wounds or wounds at risk of infection, while limiting the risk of AMR-development during treatment. The BioSense Solutions grant will allow Flen Health to access an advanced microscopic oCelloScope™ technology.

Access to this technology will enable us to accelerate the collection of antimicrobial susceptibility and growth kinetics data as well as promote the identification of morphology responses within our multidisciplinary research project”, explains Eveline Torfs, R&D Specialist at Flen Health.

From an healthcare perspective, these insights are extremely interesting, as they form a strong fundament for the development of effective advanced enzyme-based wound care products with a potential to overcome AMR.”, concludes Gilles Brackman, VP R&D at Flen Health.

About Flen Health

Flen Health is an international family enterprise with affiliates in Europe, US, and UAE as well as strategic partnerships and distributor agreements worldwide. These allow Flen Health to develop and market medical devices and pharmaceutical products that meet its original mission in providing innovative skin and wound healing solutions to address unmet patient needs. In the recent years, Flen Health was labelled as an EU innovative company and has secured millions of non-dilutive funding for R&D activities both within its own innovation centres as well as in collaboration with academic and institutional partners.

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