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  • January 30, 2020

Rigours of Radiotherapy - Patient Testimonial

"Being told that one has Cancer is not much fun, and when I was diagnosed nearly 18 months ago it was inevitably a shock. This was compounded by the certainty of an operation (double mastectomy), possibility of chemotherapy and almost certainty of Radiotherapy."

The Chemo I escaped, the operation went well, but it was the anticipation of the Radiotherapy which, for me, presented the worst fears. It was not a fear of ‘nuclear medicine’, it was the side-effects: I was almost promised these...blistering, weeping skin, bright red and extremely itchy patches around the treated areas. The fact that these things would blow up AFTER the treatment was ended made it seem worse, treatment that in itself was fairly grim - having to lie unnaturally still for what seemed like ages: having one’s body heaved around to ‘position’ it and not being allowed to help - incredibly undignified.

It was just before I started Radiotherapy, however, that I was introduced to someone who had travelled an identical path to mine, and she swore by Flamigel® RT, a cream that had been given to her by the hospital where she had undertaken her cancer treatment. It was prescription only, but when I asked Guy’s for one, they denied all knowledge of it, and continued to ‘sell’ E45. Eventually our GP, himself a ‘skin man’, agreed that Flamigel® was the route to take. About four days into my Radiotherapy I switched from E45 to Flamigel® RT. And I have not looked back...

I have had NONE of the promised nasties, no weeping skin, no blistering effects like sunburn. Yes, three weeks after I finished treatment two angry red patches appeared around my collar bone but they only itch a tiny bit, easily soothed by a quick application of Flamigel®, and I expect them to go away soon. And the cream doesn’t smell, it leaves no stain on clothing and is very quickly absorbed. Most importantly, of course, it WORKS and I had none of the miseries that I had anticipated. Cancer is a horrible and frightening thing to have, but it makes a huge difference to have something which so effectively eases the many irritants which its treatment seem to generate.

I sincerely hope that Flamigel® RT will soon be widely and easily available to ALL those unfortunate enough to have to undergo the rigours of Radiotherapy.”

Speaking about terrifying memories takes a lot of courage and strength therefore we very much appreciate that Sarah told us her story. Thank you for your trust Sarah!