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  • January 30, 2020

We celebrate 20 years of you - trusting in us!

20 years of turning research into effective skin and wound healing solutions

Brussels, January 2020: Flen Health proudly announces its 20-year anniversary. Starting in 2000 as a one-man Belgian operation, the company has grown to an international family enterprise with market-leading positions and over 100 motivated employees.

“By listening to patients, working hand in hand with healthcare professionals and continuously investing our efforts in research and development the company has grown and established itself as an innovative provider of solutions to the health care market”, explains Philippe Sollie, founder and CEO, Flen Health.

Today, the company is represented by two headquarters with innovation centres in Belgium and Luxembourg. Further affiliates are located in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, US and UAE. The company’s product portfolio is constantly growing and follows a biotechnological approach to protect what is good in the wound and eliminate what is bad, thus providing what is needed for a wound to heal.

All efforts are based on the objective to turn research into effective, safe plus easy-to-use skin and wound healing solutions. In order to follow this objective Flen Health continuously translates expertise from patients and healthcare professionals into new technologies for a healthier skin.

“Our slogan ‘creating with You in mind’ is founded on my experience and is at the heart of our daily operations. Only if we work closely with the ones using our products, are we able to identify unmet needs and provide the right solutions”, believes Philippe Sollie.

Prior to 2000, Philippe worked as a pharmacist in Belgium. Following an accident where his friend’s little daughter suffered severe burns and a subsequent allergic reaction to existing treatment products, he wanted to help. Together with the Head of the Antwerp Burns Centre, Philippe developed Flamigel® which continues to prove its wound healing effectiveness. This positive experience led to the foundation of Flen Health and has since generated many more patient success stories.

It is these patient successes that give us cause to celebrate and the motivation to continue to create innovation with You in mind.

Flen Health has been labelled EU innovative company and has secured several research grants.

“The success we have had in obtaining non-dilutive funding for research, our ability to construct strong, sustainable partnerships and agreements with academic as well as non-academic partners both inside and outside of Europe in the past 20 years, demonstrate that we are respected for our expertise and for our vision for the future”, states Gilles Brackman, Vice President R&D, Flen Health.

Thank You for Your trust in us, today and tomorrow.

About Flen Health

Flen Health believes biotech innovations can help to build a securer life for all of us. With its product portfolio Flen Health aims to improve the quality of life of people suffering from inflammatory or infectious skin diseases in a responsible way, by providing added value for patients, healthcare professionals and health authorities.

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