Flaminal - our solution for acute & chronic wounds

Flaminal® (Hydro / Forte) is a primary wound contact layer for all acute and chronic wound types. The wound treatment is available in two formulations: Flaminal® Hydro for light to moderately exuding wounds and Flaminal® Forte for wounds with moderate to high amounts of wound exudate.


Flaminal® offers versatile wound management


Flaminal® provides continuous debridement


Flaminal® balances moisture in the wound and prevents infection to speed up the healing process


All components in Flaminal® are non-toxic to skin cells


All components in Flaminal® promote natural healing

How to apply

1. Clean

Clean the wound with running water or with a specific cleaning product such as Flamirins®.

2. Treat

After cleaning, Flaminal® is easily applied as a gel layer.

3. Cover

The wound area can be covered with a secondary dressing adopted to the type of wound and level of exudate.

How Flaminal® works

Debriding gel

The gel dissolves necrotic tissue and fibrin and absorbs them from the wound bed.

Absorbent aginate

The alginate helps with the absorption of wound exudate (including debris and bacteria) while avoiding maceration of the wound edges and without drying out the wound bed. This way granulation tissue can form and grow.

Patented antibacterial enzyme complex

The enzyme complex protects the wound from infections and biofilm formation.